Money to brighten up the Drum Estate

Public art funding that has remained in council coffers for a decade could now be used to brighten up the Drum Industrial Estate.

Chester-le-Street District Council allocated £6,000 in 2008, but Durham County Council took over the following year, when the smaller authority was abolished, and the money has remained untouched.

Councillor Craig Martin, who represents the area on the county council, has investigated and says the money is available for the community to use and is now he is looking for suggestions on how to use it.

He said: “I’ll be working with the businesses within the industrial estate, parish council, and residents to get ideas. We’ll be calling on everyone to come forward with ideas and offers of support, after all £6,000 doesn’t go very far these days.”

Stipulations put on the funding by the former Chester-le-Street District Council must be followed and the money must be used for public art in the industrial estate area.