Banging the Drum for Durham businesses!

Businesses in County Durham are being urged to share their stories about working in the area as part of a new campaign aimed at attracting people to the region.

Durham County Council has been working with businesses on the new campaign, involving a series of short films, to showcase the area.

The Powered by People campaign is aimed at giving businesses, developers and employers the chance to promote Durham as a place to work, with the intention of trying to increase investment and jobs across the county.

Council leader councillor Simon Henig said: “This initiative Powered by People has come from conversations with businesses across County Durham. Businesses have told us they need a way to showcase the county and all that’s going on here.

“This was an opportunity to bring people together and amplify the positivity we see across the county and create a clear message about what a fantastic place Durham is to do business.”

The campaign will be advertised nationally, while businesses are also being urged to share the films online and on social media. Use the hashtag #durhampoweredbypeople

Join in.