Get skilled staff

Local employers are using an innovative approach to recruiting apprentices and staff aged 16 to 23 where benefits can include: up to £5,000 toward salary and other costs; free training to help the new employee be valuable immediately; and a work placement of 100 hours with no salary to pay.

Working closely with the Skills Academy Group, based in Chester-le-Street, employers can access these benefits while helping young people achieve their career goals.

Liam, from Birtley, had worked for agencies in a variety of roles but always wanted to be a motor mechanic. The Skills Academy Group programme supported him in a range of skills and searching for a suitable job vacancy. After the free three-week trial, Nightingale Coaches in Stanley employed him and are now training Liam to be a mechanic.

Lucy, a recent school leaver, had a passion for hairdressing and makeup but admitted she had not performed well as school. However, as someone who had drawn a line on her past and was highly motivated to succeed, she worked hard during her five weeks in the training centre, improved her work skills, passed her English and Maths and is now more than half-way through her apprenticeship in hair and beauty.

The Skills Academy Group train candidates in general subjects such as teamwork, health and safety, and problem-solving as well as job-specific skills and qualifications.

Short courses to help employers improve staff performance or adhere to legislations, such as first Aid, are also available. Quality is assured as they are approved by NCFE, Qualsafe and the government’s Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Contact Dawn Nixon on 0191 388 8200 for more information.