Going for Gold!

As the region’s leading provider of services and support for children, young people and adults with autism or other examples of neurodiversity, part of The North East Autism Society’s role is shaping the narrative on how people view and understand autism.

Rather than the language of deficits or disability, the Society wants autism and neurodiversity to be celebrated and accepted; to be seen and understood in a positive light. They also want our region to lead the way in being autism-friendly through its Going for Gold campaign.

It’s the colour associated with success and achievement. It’s the hallmark of great things. But more than that, Going for Gold is a new take on how autism is viewed and celebrated within our region, and in our nation.

UK Autism campaigners began this quest and the Society is backing their drive as several controversial charities, particularly in the Unites States, use ‘light it up blue’ as their theme. Still advocating ‘cures’ and outdated, harmful therapies, it’s important to distance ourselves from such initiatives and set a new standard – a gold standard – for autism and neurodiversity and have our region’s best loved landmarks to be a part of it.

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