Job loss is driving force for new start up

Being made redundant proved the catalyst for a transport and warehouse manager to start his own business.

Paul Barker was given notice by one of the world’s largest Freight Forwarders he was working for, so he decided to go it alone after working in the business for over three decades.

Paul said: “Being made redundant was a shock but I used my notice period to go on as many training courses as possible to make sure my skills and knowledge was as up-to-date as possible. After completing these courses, many of my previous customers and clients suggested that I should go self-employed.”

His firm, Transport & Warehouse Solutions (NE) Ltd, is based on the Drum Industrial Estate in Chester-le-Street and provides a general haulage and freight service throughout the UK and in most countries around the world, and a secure warehouse storage facility.

Paul has also launched a range of training courses in forklift truck driving for candidates who want a further career in the warehouse and manufacturing industry along with a service for driver cover for all types of large goods vehicles.”

He said: “Although it’s been daunting at times, being made redundant has helped me really focus on creating an exciting business and has been the driving force behind my plans to reach great heights of success.”