Santander Internship funding with Northumbria University

The Santander Internship funding with Northumbria University aims to help students and graduates gain work experience within a small or medium enterprise through its paid internship programme.

It gives students access to the industries and organisations that they want experience in and there’s also a possibility of extending the internship, or moving to a permanent contract, depending on the needs of the business.

For the students it’s an excellent opportunity to gain vital work experience and for the business, it’s a chance to work with talented young professionals.

Internships through this new funding can be for either a final year student or recent graduate from Northumbria University. To be eligible the internship will need to take place in the UK with an employer that has less than 250 staff and a turnover below £50m/year. You’ll also need to employ the intern through a contract of employment and issue payslip(s) to the intern, paying a minimum of £9.00 per hour.

Northumbria University will fund a maximum of two interns per organisation and will advertise each internship opportunity for you. Importantly, you will always decide who to appoint.

If you would like us the application form or to talk about potential ideas please email or call 0191 227 4044.