16 years of success for Tech company’s Cyber Security Head

Simon Hopkin, current Head of Cyber Security at Tech expert ITPS based on the Drum Industrial Estate, joined the company in 2007.

He was appointed having been involved in military intelligence and security through his service in the intelligence gathering wing of the British Army, and his experience has added a rich layer of expertise to the company’s operations.

In his first role, Simon was an integral part of the consultancy team providing support for Managed Services operation. Acting as the Head of ICT for several clients, he led teams that helped our clients to streamline their ICT infrastructure and systems, implement cutting-edge technologies, improve efficiency, and bolster security measures.

Subsequently promoted to Head of Managed Services, Simon’s role was to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality services that keep clients’ organisations running smoothly and securely.

Under his watch, the practice grew its client base and further developed a culture of excellence, establishing the foundations for future growth.

With a young family and a busy job, Simon is appreciative of ITPS’s support in balancing work and family time, particularly through his years of study towards a series of professional qualifications including achieving CISM and MBCS status, and a wide range of high-level professional certifications.

“ITPS has given me the essential support to progress my career within the business,” he said. “I’ve been able to set goals, identify development needs, expand my skill set, and map out a clear career path that meets my needs and those of a business operating in a tremendously fast-paced industry.

“Knowing the company understood my ambitions and was prepared to have open conversations around the necessary tools and support I needed is a very effective staff development route. I’ve been able to cascade that support down to my teams, so that together we foster a learning culture with a focus on the future, and make sure we all feel supported in our careers.”

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