Employment Law Seminar on 25 April

Business Durham and Swinburne Maddison have teamed up for an informative Employment Law Seminar.

It is a challenging time for HR managers and business owners across all sectors.

The aftermath of Covid-19 has seen a rise in unfair dismissal claims, with many employers left questioning how this could have happened having followed all Government guidance at the time.

As a nation we are also in the grip of a cost-of-living crisis in which many employers are struggling to balance the duty of care that they owe to their employees alongside the demands of running a business in the face of rising costs and continued economic uncertainty.

These turbulent times can feel overwhelming, especially with Employment Law changes in the pipeline.

With this in mind, Business Durham and Swinburne Maddison have partnered to deliver an informative and engaging seminar, packed with practical tips and advice for navigating the year ahead.

Get agenda details and register.

Employment Law Seminar on 25 April

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