Moving Together in County Durham consultation

Durham County Council is consulting on a strategy called the Moving Together in County Durham.

The strategy will set out a joint plan to help everyone in County Durham to move more. It lists the benefits of moving more at each stage of life, as well and the positive impact it has on:

  • the local economy
  • the environment
  • people’s physical wellbeing
  • people’s mental wellbeing
  • people’s personal development
  • people’s social lives

It also identifies four priority action areas that will help to make a difference:

1. Children and Young People – creating opportunities for increased movement
2. Inclusive Communities – reaching out to those who will benefit the most
3. Active Environments – making sure we can easily use our outdoors to move more
4. Health and Social Care Settings – making sure that those in care are supported to be active

Before the draft strategy is adopted, Durham County Council would like to hear views or final comments.

Get details.

Moving Together in County Durham consultation

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