Net zero support for businesses

There is a range of support available for businesses striving to reach net zero.

In 2019 the UK passed laws to end its contribution to global warming in a bid to reach net zero by 2050.

Now companies of all types and sizes are being called upon to tackle their emissions and commit to net zero.

Taking action to become net zero brings many benefits including improving resilience and competitiveness, while reducing costs and encouraging investment and attracting new customers.

There is a range of support available for businesses striving to reach net zero. Free and low-cost support options include:

Durham County Council provides advice and general support to businesses on their net zero plans and ambitions.  Companies can get direct 1-2-1 support from a Low Carbon Economy Officer or attend the council’s regular meetings and workshops.

Climate Action North is a not-for-profit organisation offering various ways to reach net zero, including an online business action toolkit, training courses, and networking opportunities. You can also read their blog about demystifying net zero.

The North East Growth Hub has a free net zero toolkit. It is to help identify the changes to make to reduce business’ carbon emissions.

Net zero support for businesses

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