Stanley-based roofing specialist scale new heights with recruitment of 50 staff

A North East roofing and building maintenance specialist has announced a major recruitment drive after contracts agreed pre-lockdown have been restarted.

Stanley-based firm Hodgson Sayers is set to employ up to 50 roof slaters and tilers over the next six months.

The firm has made the decision to expand its workforce following the resumption of contracts won immediately prior to the March pandemic lockdown that were placed on hold.

John Sayers, managing director at Hodgson Sayers, explained: “There certainly appears to be confidence coming back to the market and we are very pleased that some substantial contracts that had been frozen have now been opened. Based on this, we see the need to recruit up to 50 tradespeople over the next few months.

“However, we do need to be slightly cautious and will be recruiting in groups of about ten at a time. The reason being partly that while medium term prospects do look good, we don’t have, as yet, a full and informed view as to how the long term looks, so we need to bring people on-board at the right time.

“We are also heavily reliant on the materials supply chain. During the pandemic we have, on various occasions, found it difficult to access product due to a key supplier not being operational or stocks being unavailable. If the supply chain works as it should, we will be in a strong position.”

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